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At Mullins & Trenchak, we understand the significance of your well-being and your family’s well-being. We are also mindful that family law issues can be quite expensive and stressful. This is why we devote ourselves to educating and representing you pertaining to your individual situation to get the best outcome possible. Mullins & Trenchak is here to fight for you and your family’s needs. We like to treat each individual case as if it were our own. Mullins & Trenchak is exclusive in but is not limited to:

  • Surrogacy & Adoption
  • Paternity Testing
  • Paternity Fraud
  • Child Visitation & Custody
  • Child Support
  • Dissolution of Marriage & Divorce
  • Alimony & Division of Property/Debt


Surrogacy & Adoption Negotiations

When you decide that you would like to arrange for a new addition to your family whether it be through a surrogate mother (a woman who voluntarily is impregnated and gives birth to a child for someone who is unable to have children), or adoption (when a person decides to legally take on a child as if it were their own) it is always best to have a professional negotiator. Obtaining legal counsel that will always have you and your family’s best interest at hand is always the best notion. This way you can rest assure the optimum outcome for you and your family’s needs.


Paternity Testing & Paternity Fraud

In the event of an unknowing situation, it is always best to determine the paternity of a child with paternity testing. Not only will this type of testing allow you to know that you have a child in the world but it can also prevent the chance of paternity fraud against you which could incur medical expenses of the child in question and child support of the child in question. If you question the paternity of a child and or paternity fraud it is very well advised that you seek legal advice on which step to take next.


Child Visitation & Custody

In the thick of a legal separation or divorce a court will decide who the child’s custodial parent will be; Ultimately this is where the child will predominately reside. The court will also decipher the days and periods of time that the non-custodial parent will have visitation of a child. In most cases the court may even award joint custody to both parents where the time spent with the child will be divided equally.


Child Support

In the event of a divorce or child custody hearing, a court reviews each parent’s financial situation and determines each parent’s financial obligation in regards to the child. The amount of payment along with the set time schedule will be assigned to the parent who is making more income to be given to the parent with less income. This assures that both parents are equally contributing to the financial care of the child.


Dissolution of Marriage & Divorce

Deciding to end a marriage can be difficult but the process can be simple if that is what you choose. You can choose an uncontested divorce where both you and your spouse agree on all terms and want to settle things as amicably as possible. You can also resolve any discrepancies between you and your spouse with mediation. Whichever way you decide, an attorney can assist you with your options to make the divorce process as painless as possible so that you and your spouse may part ways effortlessly.


Alimony & Division of Property

When getting a divorce, a judge always looks at the wages earned, company assets, community property and debt between both parties. The judge will then decide on the reasonable division of what is shared so that each party is justly given what is owed.


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